Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Christmas

Christmas Day makes me nostalgic. The weather also helps. There's this smell in the air, of chocolates, pastries and loads of freedom. I grew up at a time when December and January were months of uninterrupted fun, thanks to the "January-December" academic years. 

 I was lucky to have grown up in a huge residential complex, with quite a few kids of my age. I still remember my first Santa ! I was 8, and there was this huge party for kids in the complex. That was my first year there and by all means my first 'real" Christmas Party. At some point of time, the lights went out, and they came back after a minute, only to reveal a huge, smiling Santa Clause. He gave out packets to each one of us, and I still remember the contents !

I later found out that the Santa was none other than our very own "Military Jethu", a retired Army Major. We were all dead-scared of him, even though he never scolded a single soul. Probably his stature, the way he walked, and the way he went about things in everyday life left us a little wary. He still counts as one of the tallest and strongest men I've ever come across. He is no more, but how can I forget him, he was my first Santa !

I still believe in Santa. He doesn't bring me gifts anymore. But I found out that it's much easier than believing in God. Santa never expects you to Pray (and Pay), Santa brings in Winter, Santa is fatter than me, and he makes my daughter Happy. Do I need more reasons ?

Merry Christmas to all of you.