Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poles Apart

When you have to watch two remarkable incidents in one single day, it might just take a toll on your sanity. Tendulkar amazed me again. The very fact that he came out to field after a marathon innings shows that he's got that extra bit, that puts him aside..

Talking of extras, you never run out of surprises as long as "didi" is around. A lady who has single-handedly defined and excelled new levels of stupidity, the Railway budget could just be the perfect icing on the cake. When a central minister boldly displays her bias and absolute lack of common sense, all that Indians can do is hope that she does become the chief minister of WB, so that Railways can become Indian Railways again !

To even think that tomorrow a large crowd of semi-educated, Bollywood-drenched, semi-businessmen (a.k.a Promoters) will take out their Tata Sumo's (Duly labeled "Babai Tukai" at the back)...and rejoice and hail this budget shows how insignificant and irrelevant we bengali's have become...on the national stage. I dare not think international, guys !

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ketamine said...

Ish ! missed both(oboshhyo for a good cause)

"babai-tukai"?? 'babai-papai' is more like it :P (Yeah sometimes my observations are miles away from the point)