Thursday, August 19, 2010

The potential Block-BLASTER"


Photographer A is buying vegetables. Person A appears on the scene. Person B is selling vegetables. Person C is trying to remember what his wife wanted him to buy. All of them look busy.

Scene 1

(Person A approaches Photographer A)

Person A : Good morning !

Photographer A: Very good morning. Do I know you ?

Person A: No.

Photographer A: Do I owe you money ?

Person A: No.

Photographer A: Do you owe me money ?

Person A: No.

Photographer A: That's very good news then. See you later. (prepares to walk away)

Person A: Wait, I have something to say.

(Photographer A stops and looks at him)

Person A: I think I have it in me to make it big. Need your help.

Photographer A: Aah.. you need help with your Bubble Gum then ?

Person A: Nooooooo. I want to be a Photographer !

Photographer A: Me too. 

Person A: I think I know a lot of things already, but I don't know where to start. Can we talk over a few cups of tea ?

Photographer A: Sure, why not.

Scene 2

 Next morning. Photographer A logs into his Trashbook account and gets an "Add as Friend" request from Photographer B. Photographer A adds Photographer B as a friend.

Scene 3

Two weeks later, Photographer A receives an invitation from Photographer B to his solo exhibition, proudly sponsored by a group called "Straight but also Gay photography".

Scene 4

The exhibition has entered its 4th day, and the response has been awe-inspiring. Photographer A arrives to take a look. He is introduced to Photographer B, who has now been endowed with more sponsorships, and has promised to drink only "NerdCafe", in the morning "Awkward's Choice" in the evening and "Kinky" bottled water whenever he meets the media.

Photographer B comes smiling and shakes hands with Photographer A.

Photographer B: I'm really honored by your presence at my exhibition.

Photographer A tries to smile, and then faints. Luckily Photographer B has "Clueless Hospitals" as the exclusive Healthcare Partner for the exhibition. Hence Photographer A is whisked away in an ambulance in no time. After the ambulance has left, Photographer B settles down over a cup of "Nerdcafe" and smiles -

Photographer B: Told you, I have it in me to make it big.


Best wishes on World Photography Day  

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