Monday, October 10, 2011

Next-door Netizen

Long, long ago, when we drank Campa Cola and cursed Mr. Jyoti Basu for all power-cuts, we did not have a social network. Does that mean we led a boring life ? No. Does that mean Facebook is bad ? No.

Social Network is an integral part of our lives now. It represents change, and we all need to embrace change. That is what keeps the human race going. You can still do without it, but only if you are willing to live behind closed doors, or if you already have a huge bunch of friends, and/or enough money to party every night.

I have neither. Hence, I'm on Facebook.

That doesn't guarantee me a smooth life though. I have over 800 friends on Facebook. They react, behave and express in 800+ different ways. While most of that is interesting, some of it range from utterly boring to purely insane. 

5 years back, what would you have done if your boyfriend/girlfriend dumped you and moved on ? How about taking a trumpet and blowing it while running around naked in the neighborhood ? Sounds crazy ? Well, then how would you explain these thousands of "Love hurts" or "I can't forget your smelly socks" blah blah blah ? 

If you're in Love, you're in Love, and Facebook has an option to let you tell the world what you're really up to. Keep your relationship status "updated" and the world surely knows how to take care of the rest. 

If you're not in Love, well, there's always Facebook ! 
And then, as if Love was not enough, you wake up in the morning and come to know that you've just made it to the "Top Ten Vampire Friends" list, courtesy one of your enterprising friends who thinks clicking on any link that comes across is his/her birthright. The funniest part is - almost everyone on Facebook complains about this and yet we somehow fall prey to the same menace over and over again. I was once declared "Casanova number 4" and my wife wasn't exactly amused.

I won't write anything about Photographs & Photographers on Facebook. I'm actually planning to write a book on it, a huge one. Once I've written it, and some moron agrees to publish it, I would surely let you know on Facebook. I may also write an App called "Who are your Top 10 Readers?". Do click on the Link as soon as you see one. If we can pay to watch Idiots on TV, we might as well watch them for free on Facebook.

I love Facebook.

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