Monday, June 28, 2010

City Touring for Dummies !

Surprisingly, Kuala Lumpur is a city with very few things to see ! Its a nice city, clean in most parts. Its not as packed as Bangkok. Interestingly, one of my friends had pointed out that the city has got a "Park Street" feel to it. Very true, except the fact that Park Street doesn't have a colorful Monorail and so many skyscrapers, and Kuala Lumpur doesn't have the Gutkha stains and the "Brigade Chalo" posters !

A 3 hour long city tour can pretty much test your patience. In our case it definitely did. Your tour itinerary says "visit to a chocolate factory", you are excited and you have your camera ready, only to be guided into a big shop selling chocolates ! If that's a chocolate factory then Pakistan is surely the world's greatest democracy !
The penultimate stop on the tour was the National Memorial. This was one place which really made the day. It covers a huge area and the place is dedicated to the heroes who fought for the country and its independence. Here are a few photos from that place. Really worth spending an hour or so.

By the time the tour ended at Merdeka Square, half the group had left for the Shopping Malls. We played the good tourists, and decided to hang on till the end. Before returning to the hotel, we decided to check a couple of the famous Malls. That's another story. Very boring, and very taxing ! I'll tell you about our next stop tomorrow. Good night !

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