Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Ah, 1993, I was 21 then (not that I mind being 37 now !). I suddenly remembered this Video and was lucky enough to find it on YouTube. Thank god, there's life beyond Indian Idol then ! 

This video is special to me, because it reminds me of a time when we had only 5 (yes, 5) satellite channels, all from the Star TV stable. One of the precious five was our very own MTV, or was it ? 'cause MTV was a different breed altogether, as compared to the one we have now, which specializes in "item numbers" from bollywood. MTV back then was real fun. US Top 20, European Top 20, Asian Top 20, VJ Nonny, VJ Danny McGill, and a lot more. No game shows, no reality nonsense, just pure unadulterated music, 24/7.

Oh, I'm deviating it seems. Errr..sorry. Coming to this video, this was an award-winning number by Indus Creed, who started their journey as Rock Machine, led by Uday Benegal. This video, actually inspired me to take up photography as a hobby, which I finally did some 15 years later

To be honest, this is just an average video, and I've seen many great ones in all these years. But this video has some frames, with which I can still associate my photographs, past present and future. It seems as if all the photographs that I'm yet to take, lie hidden in this video. 

A man of richer words could have explained better. Let me get back to the Shutter !

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