Friday, April 9, 2010

Why I don't photograph people anymore

The Camera is a strange thing. Somehow, you tend to grow old twice as fast when you're behind it, as compared to when you're in front, or away from it altogether.

When I started taking photography seriously, I would go out on the streets and, like so many others, would try and capture people's faces, and expressions. But after a while, I discovered that I don't enjoy doing that. It's completely personal guys, I have nothing against taking pictures of people in distress. But I have a small question. Why is it that people start their photographic adventures with photographing people on the streets ? And why is it that they always choose people in distress as their subjects ? Just because they are too poor to object ?
Well, I may end up losing a few friends by writing what I'm writing, but the fact remains. Somebody please go and photograph a man who is stuck behind the wheels in traffic, or a college student who is waiting at the bus stop. Better still, tell me the story behind each and every portrait you click. Portraits of poor people I mean, because that's all you can manage. 

Do not expect me to comment on such "Portraits", duly termed "Life" or "Struggle" or "Good Morning" or whatever. You people are taking the easy way out. I also made this mistake when I started. If people are so fond of Street Portraits, I would love to see a series from someone about one such person, and an hour or a couple of hours in his/her life, or a day if you can manage. I would be eagerly waiting, you photographers !