Sunday, April 25, 2010


Contrary to popular belief, I usually do not try and construct a story for my still life images. I choose to leave it to the viewers (if any) to do all the hard work, while I sit and play FarmVille ! However, on this particular instance, a friend of mine wanted to know about my thought process while clicking this picture. Much like my school days, I was left without an answer. But, in order to do some kind of justice to my friend's queries, I am trying to lay down a few probable interpretations. Very much an after-thought though....

  1. I had 5 books. I sold 4 to buy an Apple.
  2. I had 5 apples. I sold 4 to buy a Book.
  3. The Apple is Red. The Book is White. Hence the Apple is more important.
  4. The Apple is on top of the book. Hence Food is more important than Knowledge.
  5. I wanted to eat an Apple while reading a Book. The Book was boring, hence I quit.
  6. Eve ate an Apple, while Adam read a Book (where did we come from then ?)
  7. An Apple can be a good bookmark.
  8. If you drop an Apple and a Book from the tower of Pisa, the Book would land first.
  9. United we stand (the Apple), Divided we get laid (the Book).
  10. This photograph is open to more Interpretations.

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Explore Foreigners Life Styles In Japan said...

"an apple a day keeps the doctor away"...its written in the book...