Saturday, April 17, 2010

Right folks, this is not about the Hunk getting down from his bike and telling you that "Thinking is such a waste of time" (some commercial). We all knew that already. That's exactly why we allowed Tusshar Kapoor to act, Romesh Pawar to field and Himmesh Reshamiya to sing....didn't we ?

The recent past has been kind enough to provide me with some free time to think, but I'll come to that later. When I was a young boy, many many moons ago, I used to think a lot. The inevitable happened. Once I tore a few pages off my Maths book, because I couldn't think enough to find a few answers. On another occasion, my swimming coach picked me up and threw me into the pool, because I was thinking for 20 minutes whether to get into the pool or not. As you can see, I've always been an avid thinker, if not a great one.

But now, I think I'm gradually reaching a stage where I feel my thoughts are going to make me famous, and hence - hated ! I'll explain why. Pardon me for always talking about photography, but if you're reading this, you may already know that I don't do much else (except those few ungodly hours at my office).

So, what did the last few days have in store for me, considering the fact that I managed to think a lot ? 

Well, for starters, I've now realized that over-hyped mediocrity (I'm being generous here !) is very much the order of the day.

Secondly, people who hated me already have some serious competition now. They were a half-baked lot anyway, and now to make things better, they are joined by the half-cooked. I am loving it !

Thirdly, I suddenly see some good pictures being taken. Are you kidding me ? Weren't you told that I am supposed to play the Numero Uno here ? How dare you ! Stop taking pictures, and start behaving like "photographers". I can even get you the Photographer's jackets at a bargain. Interested ?

Well, such "wonderful" realizations do come at a price, and that can be anything, overpriced coffee, underexposed portraits, just anything as long as its you who's paying :)...And I'm still loving it !

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