Saturday, March 27, 2010

Its Tomorrow already :)

I have no idea, what I am doing this late, sitting up on my cosy bed for the night, waiting to smoke one last time before I crash. I would be leaving for the mountains tomorrow, early in the morning. My bags are already packed. Camera, Lenses, Clothes and my cigarettes, they're all there. Dinner was majestic. An open-air eatery and the best Kebabs that you can find in Delhi.

The Green dot on my GTalk has turned Orange some time back, and most people in the GMT +5.30 region are doing justice to their tired nerves. The next two days are going to be solitary, time for a lot of introspection. Time to fill up the memory cards, and empty my memories.

Good night world. I'll see you next when mortal passions have lost their fizz, and I'm all set for a little less oxygen, and a lot more solitude. 

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