Monday, March 22, 2010

Manic Monday - snapshot

The financial year is drawing to a close, and all my deeds and misdeeds need to be covered up asap ! My bank, my tax consultant, and all other partners in crime are busy designing glossy covers for the yearbook. The Laptop just got busier : Folders being archived / renamed / deleted, and much more.

 Its a weird feeling when you open facebook in the morning and it advises you to suggest a Profile picture for a friend who passed away a couple of weeks ago. Of course facebook wouldn't know that, but it really gives you a bitter taste in your mouth. One thing leads to another, and I ended up visiting his profile on Orkut. There he was, with all his profile information, likes & dislikes, photos and scraps.

I simply can't resist talking about KKR (:P). Last time KKR played, I was at Fame, watching the misery unfold on the big screen. Worse, I tagged a friend along. Two fools make a better picture than just one, I guess. Still, highly recommended for the visuals and audio quality. Just don't bother about KKR, that's all. However, I wonder who planned the home-bred cheer-leading. Utterly disgusting and unnecessary. Also, keeping in line with the home team's performance, there were a couple of enthusiasts with a microphone each, and a dearth of ideas on how to use it. Sometimes they would shout "Korbo Lorbo.....blah blah blah" (already termed as the joke of the century), and once they played the theme song on their mobile phones and held the microphone close to it so that others could listen in................ and Die. The moment of glory arrived when they started showing a replay of one of the dismissals that happened an hour back, and the cheerleaders raced to the Dais to celebrate, and someone had to jump in and stop the circus !

KKR would be playing tonight. I have no money left to waste. Alas ! 

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