Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Throne !

Question :

Which is the best place to learn Photography ?

Answer :

The Loo !

A couple of days back, a friend of mine wanted to know which Photography Magazine is the best. He gave me two options. Unfortunately I was in a hurry and could not conclude the conversation. I now take this opportunity to conclude (again, because this is my Blog :P).

If you think my answer above is ridiculous, do so at your own peril. Take my word, the Loo is the best place to learn photography. I'll tell you how.
When the month begins, I grab the latest issues of all the photography magazines that I can get hold of. Its usually limited to 3, sometimes 4 different magazines. I stack them up in the Loo. I read them whenever I am there :P. Trust me, its the best place to read those mags. Nobody in the world can see you (they better not !). You have all the time to go through each and every line, every photograph, every letter, and even every advertisement. When you finally come out, you're not just a relieved man, you're a better-informed one too !

Every magazine will tell you at least one thing that you didn't know before. Trust me when I say this. So the next time you're visiting any of the photography forums and you find a post which says "Where can I learn Photography ?", you know what the answer should be ! Scroll up, if you're still not sure :)

P.S. :- This post is NOT sponsored by any of the following publications : Worse Photography, Micronesian Photography, Unsmart Photography, Unpopular Photography etc.

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